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Term Life Insurance is designed to provide life insurance protection for a specific number of years at the lowest possible cost. Description: enjoy life Designed to be accessible to virtually anyone, it gives you the versatility to meet your needs; the affordability you desire; the flexibility of continuing or converting your coverage; and the guarantees to ease your mind.
There is one simple reason that people buy life insurance - to help protect their loved ones.

Life insurance allows you to financially provide for your loved ones if you were no longer there. Chances are there may not be funds to cover items such as funeral costs, medical bills, mortgage payments, lawyer’s costs, etc. With life insurance, you can help ease financial burdens while your loved ones are going through a very difficult and emotional time.

Regardless of what stage you are in life – Single, Newly Married, Have a Family, Pre-Retirement, or in Retirement - there’s always a need for life insurance. We've provided some common life stages below to show where life insurance may help cover needs and continue to provide for your loved ones after you're gone.
There are many different types of term life insurance, but what is Term Life Insurance, really? Term Life Insurance is the most popular type of life insurance available today.
As the name implies, it is designed for a specific term (length of time).
You purchase term life to provide coverage for a guaranteed number of years: ie. 10,15,20, 30 years.

A life insurance professional can help answer questions like, "How much life insurance do I need?" and "How long of a term should I 'lock' in the premium?"
Take a moment to think about how much life insurance you need. It might not be that simple to come up with an answer. To get started, think about the answer to these questions: What would life be like financially for your loved ones if you were no longer there? Would they be able to maintain their standard of living? Could they cover the cost of final expenses? Would they be able to cover other outstanding debts?
Although it may be difficult to think about answers to these questions, it makes it that much more important to take stock of your needs today. With too little, your loved ones might not receive all the financial protection they deserve.
To help determine your needs, think about the following items that can affect your family's standard of living:

Final Expenses

Burial/funeral costs, medical bills, lawyer’s fees

Emergency Fund

Money to cover unexpected expenses

Outstanding Debt

Mortgage, credit cards, loans

Replacement Income

Cover the cost of replacing your income

Education Expenses

Tuition, room and board, books, etc.

Current Assets

Savings/checking account, retirement savings, other investments

Other Life Insurance

Total amount of life insurance coverage you currently have

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